Help prevent the spread of disease-causing pathogens
Equipment for medical professionals
Safety equipment for home and hospital use
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Our area of expertise

Zaliex reduces health and safety risks as it focuses on the following areas:

  • Environmental hygiene

    Environmental hygiene

    Safe and effective sanitization to eliminate disease-causing pathogens

  • Hospital supplies

    Hospital supplies

    Standard protective equipment for professionals

  • Prevents Bacteria

    Medical equipment

    Preventive and curative products for medical use

Our Products

Check out Zaliex's products and start protecting what matters

Standard face masks for industrial use

Wearing durable face masks provides the following benefits:


Prevents inhalation of toxic fumes and other hazardous compounds in industrial settings

Prevents Tiny Droplets

Reduces chances of transmission of air-borne microorganism between individuals

Filters Out 95%

It will keep you safe from polluted air by filtering pollutants and other allergens from the air.

Comfortable Breathing

Allows comfortable respiration without compromising safety

Safeguard your community

Follow basic health and safety requirements through the use of high-quality sanitizers and protective equipment

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About Us

Know more about our world-class medical supply brand

Zaliex is an innovative healthcare brand offering a wide range of environmental hygiene solutions, hospital supplies, and medical equipment. Because of its commitment to protecting the community’s health and wellness, Zaliex focuses on maintaining good hygiene habits that will eliminate disease-causing pathogens on contact and slow down the spread of illnesses and infections.

Because prevention is better than cure, Zaliex’s hygiene solutions reinforces the efficacy of mechanical cleaning processes such as handwashing and scrubbing of surfaces, as well as commonly used items at home and in public places, with its broad array of effective yet safe, organic-based, alcohol-free hand sanitizers, and one-step disinfectants. Zaliex also offers disposable protective equipment for medical and industrial purposes.

Products that bear the Zaliex seal have gone through rigorous quality screening processes by regulatory agencies to ensure the highest standards were maintained and most up-to-date techniques were applied from production to distribution. Continuous development is an always-on process, as Zaliex strives to keep its users safe from viruses and bacteria that are also quickly evolving.

Zaliex is proud to serve the worldwide community from its base in Toronto, Canada.

The Zaliex Brand Promise

  • 1

    99.9% Effective infection control

    Using Zaliex products, everyone can eliminate disease-causing pathogens and provide a longer-lasting antibacterial shield.

  • 2

    Rigorous quality screening processes

    Every Zaliex product went through multiple quality testing and various approval processes before introduction to the market.

  • 3

    Designed for comfort and safety

    Zaliex's priority is safety. It makes sure that its products are 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and fit for everyday use.

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